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A place of endless evil, despair, and morose one finds themselves thanks to the game Pokémon Go.
It can be from the frustration of unknown errors from the servers, losing friends over team colors, fatigue from walking all day and finding no good pokemon (usually followed by realizing you are lost), getting charged for vehicular manslaughter trying to catch a Pikachu on the highway, running out of pokeballs, the attempts in vain to evolve pokemon to a high cp only to catch a higher cp 2 levels later, ect.
There are endless ways to enter Pokehell, and no sure way of getting out. If one does escape pokehell, they may find themselves there once more not long after.
Example: "I tried catching a Blastoise at the park today, but the app froze and I was stuck in pokehell."

Example: "I can't believe I am 50 miles outside the city all because of looking for pokestops. This is pokehell."

Example: "My girlfriend left me today because I restarted the game and joined Team Instinct, she's Team Valor. I always see her defending the gyms in town with the highest level pokemon. There isn't a single Instinct Gym near me and I'm still too low a level to fight gyms, Pokehell is real and I'm in it."
by ughhhadfs August 07, 2016
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