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Any activity or activities directly or seemingly related to the internet dating site Plenty of Fish (POF). This can include, but is not limited to, activities such as:
- browsing the website for single, unemployed mothers within a 40 kilometer radius of your postal code
- arranging dates with said users, then telling your roommates/family/girlfriend that you are going for a "drive"
- engaging in sexual relations with fellow pofers

Key terms:

Pofer - an individual who engages in any of the aforementioned or attributable pofing behaviours.

Pofing by Association - Sometimes a friend of yours who is an active pofer will ask you to accompany him/her on a pofing date, because their fellow pofer is bringing a friend. At this point, both you and the other friend are Pofing by Association.

Potential Pofer - Easy to pick out at a bar. They are generally the mildly to excessively overweight girl in a group of mid 3's (please see The 1 - 4 scale), drinking Old Milwaukee and mouthing the words to a Cindi Lauper song. Don't confuse the PP's availability as an invitation to approach her, as most PP's are uncomfortable making eye contact with someone they have not received a virtual gift from.

Pofing Without Borders - This is kind of like Doctors Without Borders, but instead of volunteering to provide urgent medical care in countries to victims of war and disaster, the pofer in question is crossing an international border to bang a total stranger they met on the internet.
Me: "Where's Brando... we were supposed to go to the gym 3 hours ago. Doesn't he know its national chest day at the gym and if we don't go before 5 there's gonna be 13 Bangladeshians on every Bench Press?"

Aleks: "I dont know dude...I saw him 6 hours ago and he said he had to go inspect the rear differential on his Jeep.....He's probably pofing."

Me: "Yeah...definitely pofing"

Me: "How's Uncle Richie doing? Haven't seen him in a while..."

Aleks: "He's good man...he's got a girlfriend now."

Me: "Right on, where did he meet her?"

Aleks "He originally informed me that their eyes met across a jazz bar in Arlington and it was love at first sight...but after some investigating I have confirmed that it was the result of finely tuned pofing"

Me: "really...I didnt know Uncle Richie poffed..."

Aleks: "yeah dude...Platinum Member"
by porneggs July 21, 2010
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