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A dinosaur that lived during between the Jurassic and Cretaceous ages. It has two legs and no arms, a slight under-bite and wings, which was used to attract the oppisite sex. It lived for a total of 10 years and entire population comprised of a male and 4 females. The only male was bad with women and was rejected by all four and used a time machine to come present times. he talks like a ghetto person. An example of him talking is below.
yer, Ima podonkus and I really talking about maself cause I like maself as much as maself. I think i realz cool cause i hav too legs that i use to walk with, and i like to eat teh birds, but dey real hardddddd to catch cause dey can fly, but i can't, i has to jump really hi..... poodonkussss
by Luke the sexy January 09, 2012
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