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1. An individual, male or female, who is interested in you, but they will always be a backup plan i.e. in your pocket

2. An individual who you are not completely interested in, but they are a possible contender

3. Not to be mistaken with the side boo, because you do not regularly indulge in interaction with this individual

4. The creator of the term pocketboo regrets to inform readers that if the criterion mentioned above applies to you, then you may in fact, be a pocketboo.

Pocketboo Levels:
Level 1: Friend

a. You have not had altercations with

b. Most likely the individual only has a crush on you for more than 2 months

Level 2: Contact friend

a. You have had altercations with this individual
b. Individual is aware of their place in the friend zone
c. Individual knows their place in the pocket

Level 3: Attractive

a. Possibility of relationship is minimal
b. Physical appearance is extremely and aesthetically pleasing to the pocket holder
Level 4: The Ex
a. May or may not have a difficult personality to tolerate

b. Always will be there for the pocket holder i.e. flat tire fixer

c. Closest to the real boo, but history impedes on the ability of building a future with this specific pocketboo
by Tia Holley January 29, 2015
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