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The 'Pocket Donut' was originally founded by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney - 'The Black Keys', a band. The 'Pocket Donut' appears in their video, 'Tighten Up'. A pocket donut is a donut which is given to you upon greeting someone. You nod, say hi, and then the person you are meeting with will produce a donut from the pocket of their jacket. This donut may or may not have been partially eaten already. You must then gladly take this donut, and eat it gratefully. It is the sign of a true bond between friends. Not best friends, but Pocket Donut Friends. A Pocket Donut Friend has a far superior bond than a mere best friend.
Guy One: Hey man, what's up
Guy Two: 'Sup *produces pocket donut, hands it to Guy One*
Guy One: *takes donut, secretly admiring the fact that he has finally found himself a friend who keeps donuts for him in his pocket*
by ellumsableeex May 20, 2011
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The presence of a tin of chewing tobacco (i.e skoal, copenhagen, redman, beechnut, or kodiak), printing it's outline through clothing. The tin has a round shape not dissimilar from that of a donut.
Her pants were so tight I couldn't help but notice her pocket donut.
by Grant Janssen August 12, 2007
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The Pocket Donut is your emergency food, stashed in your pocket, while having origins in a Boston Cream Donut, any food can now suffice as a pocket donut, but pastries are preferred.
"I'm not buying the movie theater candy, I brought my Pocket-Donut"

"I'm famished, I can't believe I forgot to pack a pocket donut."
by MadMuse November 08, 2014
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