(Verb) - when someone is wearing a shirt with a pocket and you repeatedly shove your hand in and out of the pocket.
When Dale walks by, I'm going to pocket fuck him and get his nip nip real good!!
by The gingerbeardman June 24, 2015
The act of sticking an object of unknown origin inside another's pocket.
by JR. kids meal September 13, 2011
An intimate couple consisting of an abnormally large male and an excessively small female; the female is so miniscule when juxtaposed with the gargantuan male that it is said she could fit in the male's pocket
"Goddamn that is a pocket fuck."
A vagina, a place to stick one's penis.
I rocked that hooker's fuck pocket with my man meat, all for twenty dollars.
by Burnsitito October 25, 2007
1). Utilized by nerds and nerdlings all over the world, mainly used in preparation for comic book and gaming conventions. 2). The act of preparing for life's uncertainties through the meticulous act of checking one's person for the most important articles (e.g: cell phone, keys, etc.)
3). (fig) The act of preparing for life's uncertainties through taking a personal inventory of what matters most in life before venturing blindly into an unknown situation
Nerd 1: You ever been to a convention before?
Nerd 2: No.
Nerd 1: Make sure you check your fucking pockets, dude. These people will rob you blind!


Person 1: I heard you caught herpes from that guy you picked up at the bar last week.
Person 2: If only I had checked my fucking pockets, it wouldn't have happened.
by naked_people_everywhere December 22, 2011
"Pocket Fuck" describes the sexual encounter with a small and light person, for example, achild's body is very "handy" and therefore easily useable.

So, a person can use a child as an alternative dildo and fuck him while walking, etc.
"I just had an asian women, had some dope pocket fuck."
by CherAmi December 26, 2018