daughter of junior (j grimes)

Aka “the beak”, poshy , James beak , chicken, etc”

a chicken from birth and to adolescence. she is without a doubt the emotional core to junifer morningsnout if there ever even was such a thing.

junior grimes is a villain with a chicken 🐔

His chicken means everything to him even if he never shows it, junior grimes needs poachy and wendybone.

Poshy is also known to have a drink made from her known as “Bosch” a sort of wine type liquor which junior often drinks too much of. Wheezly is cute btw

Poachy smalls Is da wickedest
Poachy smalls is a chicken and child of the forbidden one, the first.


Poachy: bok bok bok bok!!

Junior: what is it beak ? What do yoU want ?

Poachy: bok bok bok

Junior: oh right: here’s some money there go warm your eggs, beak
by Wtf even is a username??! December 1, 2021
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