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Verb: Downgraded; demoted; dumped; No longer of significance.
My girlfriend pluto'd me.

Yarggh, Pluto was unfairly pluto'd from the solar system by a group of stupid astronomers.

The Eagles were right to have pluto'd T.O.
by Lisa420 August 24, 2006
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Verb: Ploo-toad- To be un fairly shut down, demoted or kicked out.

Inspired from the acts of astronomers, when pluto was kicked out of the solar system.
Im sorry sir but your being pluto'd from the group.

Guy 1: Dude what happened?
Guy 2: Man she just pluto'd me!
Guy 1: Out of no where?
Guy 2: YA! Out of the blue.
by Casey T. January 08, 2007
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What happens when you stand against the crowd; the result of going against a popular opinion; to get ruthlessly & humiliatingly kicked out of a system or crowd; (past) to no longer be a part of a well known/famous/popular crowd

-Much like the planet Pluto, Amy got Pluto'd for being too distant
-I Pluto'd Rebecca from my buddy list for dating a loser
-Frat boy Frank got pluto'd when he admitted he was gay
-Eric got kicked out of the queer crowd for going bi.
-Ugly Betty should get pluto'd from Tv for being lame
by imurfriend January 17, 2008
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