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Pronounced (ploos-cum-perfecto)

- Verb or Verbos (if you are foreign)

1. (Spanish) When you want to indicate something that happened in the past before something else in the past happened.

2. (English or American) Something you say to another friend when you want to sound bad ass. Neither one of you will know the meaning of the word. However, if you use it in the right context it will sound impressive.
Billy: "Dude I just heard you went home with Susan last night! Did you get up in that ass or what?"

Johnny: "Hell yea, I gave the bitch the pluscuamperfecto."

Billy: "Damn dude! I don't even know what that word means but I want to give bitches that too! Your fucking awesome Johnny!"

Johnny: "No doubt."
by Pseudonym Will Do Just Fine October 15, 2010
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