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It is when a player gets tapped by an opponent’s stick or a stick comes close to touching the player, no actual contact is required, the player voluntarily throws his head back and over embellishes this action, in an attempt to get the attention from the ref to get a penalty against the opposing team.

The term Plekanecing comes from Montrael Canadiens player Thomas Plekanec, also know as player # 14, as he did this every game in the 2014 NHL playoffs and eventually got a penalty for diving, becuase of the embarassement he was bringing to the sport. This started a Twitter hashtag: #Plekanecing. Plekanecing is gernerally looked down upon by fans, opponents and even teammates as it is embarrassing to the sport of hockey.
"Did you see last night’s Montreal Canadiens game? Player # 14 was Plekanecing all night, every time a stick hit his chest; he threw his head back like he had just been shot in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun.”

“Did you see P.K. Subban Plekanecing in last night’s game, a stick touched his visor, then he threw his head back and he launched himself into the air, like he had just been hit by a car, trying to get a penalty called.”
by The Leafs Suck May 28, 2014
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