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A generally harmless but annoying person who has logged thousands of hours playing "Navy Seals" on a gaming system and mistakenly thinks that this makes them an expert in real world combat. Usually never off of their game long enough to have been in a real fight, but the first to offer their "expert opinion" an weapons and tactics.
They are easy to identify, as they often use terms like ".308 Lapua Magnum" or ".45 Magnum" and love to talk fire-power although they have never used anything other than the virtual firepower on their game. They love to espouse superiority of weapons, yet lack a "gunner callus".
They are usually pale from lack of exposure to sunlight, and smell of Mountain Dew and burnt rope.
Did you hear that guy talking about carrying a Desert Eagle into a firefight? He's just a playstation commando.
by ghost3x7 April 21, 2009
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