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A gang of 3 kids (sometimes up to 10), who wander around Smithton and Sedalia Missouri. They can usually be found in Wal-Mart, parks, playgrounds (picking on children, hence the name Playground Posse), or each others houses doing stupid, funny, crazy, insane things. They all have their own look and each are unique in their own way. The Playground Posse were formed on October 31st 2006 after their leader Peter "PK" Cooper stripped his clothes off and danced around in the hall at his locker, he was hailed as a "hero" and "revolutionary" upon his return to school and to the Playground Posse. The Playground Posse is still going strong to this day. Although they have matured very much they still do many funny things and make hot chicks giggle their pants off.

The Playground Posse is made of:
Peter "PK" Cooper
Caleb "The Jackhammer"
Dakota "The Afro Ninja"

The Playground Posse are also capable of cutting your head off with an axe while riding a dirt bike, four wheeler, or three wheeler at a high speed while wearing a speedo.
The Playground Posse will pwn all your asses into the next decade with their unbeatable style of awesomeness if you cross their path.

Don't fuck with the Playground Posse, unless your a hot chick then they'll face fuck you and cum in your throat and then ass rape you until you pass out.
guy 1: The Playground Posse is coming down the street.

guy 2: Oh shit, run for it man.

guy 1 gets decapitated by the Playground Posse who are riding badass dirt bikes and four wheelers.

Guy 2 who gets hit right in the dick by an axe and dies from the pain of being a dickless freak.

Playground Posse in unison, "bitches got pwnd!"
by PCD1444 June 04, 2007
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