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Normally used for the game RuneScape, Pjing mean when in a PKing zone (Player Killing zone) and someone just died and the person who killed the guy is low on health, a "PJer" comes and kill the person because he's on low health and the PJer is normally full health.

Ways to stop a PJer:
1. Run away, eventually the PJer will give up, or it will get attacked by another player
2. Eat up to full health. (Normally a PJer is a few levels under you, so with full health you'll probably beat him/her).
3. Go PKing with a clan or friends, if it's a multi-combat area they might help you.
4. Teleport out of the area.
5. Go to a safezone.
6. Don't take your valuble items.
The only reason why people Pj is because of the loot.
So, if you're not carrying valuble stuff they won't care.
(dude8347 Kills fluffy2394)
Dude8347 has low health and is just about to run to the safe zone.

Pjer7331 comes up and attacks dude8347.

(Dude8347 dies)

-That's what Pjing is.
Dude8347 loses his valuble/rare items while pjer7331 picks them up.
by Alex1234567890987654321 June 15, 2010
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