Sitting on a pity potty is a more solitary exercise than going to a pity party, but both describe feeling sorry for one-self.
While sitting on the pity pot, the victim bemoans his or her own fate, usually only making comparisons with those more fortunate--those richer, smarter, funnier, sexier, and better looking. And in far less trouble!
"Oh, woe be me!" is a common thought, as is "Oh shit, oh damn!"
Any recovering addict spends a lot of time first sitting on the pity pot and will strongly resemble a baby or toddler at early toilet-training. When addicts finally start to work their twelve step program, they gradually learn how to accept responsibility for their own body functions and actions, do the right thing, and become productive members of society. At this point, the initial work is done, and the addict is able to get off the pot. Who flushes it, is irrelevant. At least the addict has stopped all that whining.
Pity pottier: "I'm such a lump of shit. Nobody likes me. Nobody loves me."

Other: "I love you. I like you."

Pity pottier: "You don't count. You must obviously be a loser too."

Other (groans): "Oh, come on! Will ya get off that pity potty already?"
by astridstone April 19, 2008
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Is the process in which one goes through to receive attention and/or sympathy depending on the degree of drama one uses to achieve desired effect. Used as a form of manipulation. This process usually takes place at a party or gathering of some sort. It is performed by a drama queen or girl who feels threatened by: 1. Another female. 2. Boyfriends’ ex-girlfriend, also at the gathering. The first step in the process is pretending to feel sick. Second announces, “I am going to the bathroom.” She waits in the bathroom to see how long it takes for someone to miss her-preferably her boyfriend. While sitting on the pity potty the pity potty sitter will: 1. Feel sorry for herself. 2. Begin to question her relationships with the boyfriend and friends, also at the party. 3. Be fueled by jealously. 4. Possibly become paranoid. If missed, the pity potty sitter will be found crying in the bathroom for some insignificant reason that will be different depending on who finds her. The longer it takes for someone to find her the more dramatic the effects will be. Drugs and/or alcohol will also intensify these effects. If no one attempts to locate the pity potty sitter they will do one of two things depending on which story of the house the bathroom is located on. 1. Reenter the party with swolen red eyes and nose and demand to leave resulting in a very dramatic exit and much concern. 2. Perform the locked in the bathroom maneuver by crawling out the window and reentering the party telling everyone she was locked in the bathroom and make her friends and boyfriend feel guilty for not missing her or coming to her rescue or take on the rock star persona and win her boyfriends affection. TROUBLE awaits the bastard boyfriend who did not miss the pity potty sitter and will result in a huge confrontation and could later be means for a pity party.
"I was sitting on the pity potty for 45 mins. before anyone came to check on me."

"She fell and couldn't get up. We thought she was sitting on the pity potty and didn't check on her for hours.

Party goer #1: Where is your girlfriend?
Ex-girlfriend: She's been sitting on the pity potty for like 30 minutes now.
Party goer #1: Dude you think you should check on her?
Bastard Boyfriend: Naw, she's alright.

"My boyfriend is not paying enough attention to me and has been looking at that skank all night.Time to go sit on the pity potty."
by psychmajor June 10, 2008
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1) The name of the emotion for a parent whose once happy toddler is distraught and tantruming because they unknowingly used the toilet before their child expressed that they wanted to use it.

2) The guilty pleasure of using the toilet before someone else who equally or more so had to relieve themselves or use the facilities.
Eg. 1)
My potty pity only made things worse for my child's toilet training rage and tears after completing my business.

Eg. 2)
A: Hey! I was just on my way there and you cut me off!

B: Sorry. <while smiling> Better luck next time.
by JWSTigre September 17, 2010
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