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Self-induced inner-ear technology, which allows and often leads an individual to believe they are singing at an appropriate pitch, speed, tone, and/or volume in a public location or private karaoke room and is adjusted in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol the individual has consumed.

Warning: Sometimes malfunctions and increases dissonances when more than one pair is worn in large group.

Side Note: Usually worn with beer goggles.
A: Did you hear them singing last night at karaoke?
B: Yeah, they must have had their beer-phones on. . . but, they were kinda cute, weren't they?
A: Yeah, but I had on my beer goggles.
by JWSTigre April 17, 2010
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1) Combination: pillows + philosophy

2) The study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language just before one falls asleep.

3) The rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct before dreaming.
"I went to bed and found my pillosophy."

"While I was pillosophizing last night, I remembered that the next day was my spouse's birthday."
by JWSTigre February 23, 2010
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1) The name of the emotion for a parent whose once happy toddler is distraught and tantruming because they unknowingly used the toilet before their child expressed that they wanted to use it.

2) The guilty pleasure of using the toilet before someone else who equally or more so had to relieve themselves or use the facilities.
Eg. 1)
My potty pity only made things worse for my child's toilet training rage and tears after completing my business.

Eg. 2)
A: Hey! I was just on my way there and you cut me off!

B: Sorry. <while smiling> Better luck next time.
by JWSTigre September 17, 2010
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