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Taking a sit down, Poping a squat, or just resting the old keister.

The type of sitting that can only be on a step, or on a bench out side of a gas station. Pitching a loaf is a very popular activity among the old. A loaf pitching team was formed in 1974 by the late Milhouse Carroll. The team inspired many old gas station loiters to convert loafisum, a much less radical group. But by the time word of the team got around, all the founding members had passed away right in their loafing spots. Loafing is not limited just to the old and decrypted, it can be done by a boss, or those old at heart. But a word to the wise, don't take loaf pitching lightly, because its not just an action, its a way of life. As told in the timeless words of Milhouse Carroll, "Once the loaf has started, You and your bench, will never be parted."

Boss: Get those tax returns done while I'm pitching a loaf.
by obey123omega January 11, 2009
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