The Pitchfork Hipster is usually a male around 16-20 years of age who relies solely on Pitchfork Media for music news. Any review garnering high scores on the web site is an instant new favorite, and vice versa. The Pitchfork Hipster usually has no conception of music criticism or taste, and relies on the opinions of a vaguely defined "expert" to guide them to music they "like."
Ironically, the Pitchfork Hipster usually employs an elitist attitude towards other music listeners, assuming that knowledge of the "largest indie music website on the internet" gives them free reign to deride the music listening habits of others.
Anthony is a wanna-be Pitchfork Hipster. All his recently acquired music is rated highly by Pitchfork. He feigns a wide-reaching musical barometer, despite the fact that he has no conception of the genre, techniques, style, or history of any independent musical group.
by CouldBAnyone December 4, 2006
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