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The best comedy channel on youtube since 2008! Two smart, funny and handsome men from Norway (Stian Hafstad & Christer Larsen) who make funny (but not cheap!) youtube videos. You can find here many parodies on Harry Potter, LOTR, batman, Hunger Games and so on. Also few scatches like "rage comics in real life" or "mark and bill's sexual education". Plenty of their vids went viral.
Their videos have really HIGH quality and will definitely make you laugh.
Guy1: Hey man! PistolShrimps haven't reliesed new video for pretty long time!
Guy2: I know right.. But yeah check this out! The next video is gonna be captain Europe part 2. Haha "coming soon" we all know this.
Guy3: Hey pals, don't be mean. They have a big amount of work on their own too, you should check out their film work meanwhile.
by iloveoddfjord October 28, 2016
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