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The act of urinating on a piece of cloth or paper towel and then wiping something with it.

The objective is to covertly cover objects such as desks, toothbrushes, utensils, keyboards, etc.. in urine without leaving any visible puddles.
Micah didn't pay his share of the rent this month so we pissragged his whole room.
by Haje Haje August 28, 2010
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A nasty prank to play on some douchebag who has done something to annoy you.

Simply take a washcloth or dishtowel, and urinate on it profusely. If you don't have enough piss to soak the whole thing yourself, find a like-minded prankster to piss on it too...the more the merrier.

Then, take the piss-soaked cloth and either A) throw it at the intended recipient or B) leave it someplace where he is likely to find it (on his doorknob, in his mailbox, whatever).
Mike was being an asshole all week, so on Friday, I decided to pissrag him. He never saw it coming
by J-rad June 30, 2010
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