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1. When one sees someone of at least moderate celebrity in the washroom and decides to talk to them. This can range from local newscasters to Hollywood celebrities. Usually one forgets that under normal circumstances they wouldn't pee right beside someone if they didn't have to, or that they could become the reason why the "celebrity" never goes to that place ever again.

2. When one is cornered in the bathroom by someone they don't know or like. These usually happen when one or both participants are inebriated.
Piss Pleasantries are only creepy if you don't know the person or are only vaguely acquainted with the person you are exchanging them with.

1. Fabian sees some guy from the third Terminator movie in the washroom at The Freehouse. Even though he's the only other person in the washroom, he chooses the urinal next to him.
Fabian: "Hey man, how're you liking Regina?"
Guy From Terminator 3: "Hnnnnnngh"

2. Annette: "Hey, what's your favourite color?"
Cheryl: "Get away from me, you drug addled bitch!"
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad July 02, 2009
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The type of conversation you have with a person you're not really inclined to talk to. What you say when your better side, or simply human nature, is too polite to ignore someone you don't like, don't want to talk to, but have just unexpectedly bumped into.
"Did you see Veruca the other day? Her fashion sense is awful."
"Yeah, I actually exchanged piss pleasantries the other day at the grocery store. I was stuck in line with her at the cashier."
by Mersault77 June 07, 2014
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