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The name "Piroska" is one of Hungarian descent, and is most usually found among the women with utmost class and sophistication. Material items mean little to Piroska, as she'd be much happier to surround herself with friends, family, good food, and science fiction movies. Great gifts to give her are Alien figurines, Hand lotions, and Salami.

Piroska is the epitome of a hard worker, but at the same time, she knows how to relax and take things one day at a time. Having learned many lessons in life, she has wisdom for all and will laugh in the face of a challenge. She loves strongly and accepts others for their faults within reasonable degrees. She's the best friend you could ever hope to meet, and is always there to support you in your endeavors and dreams.

Piroskas, as a rule, are extremely afraid of crickets and will scream uncontrollably at the mere sound a cricket makes. This reaction, while quite unusual, is common among Piroskas, and the best way to calm her down is humor her fear and assure her that you are not laughing at her predicament.

Alternate names for a Piroska: Piro, Pip, Pips, Pipsy, and Dopplez.
Person 1: "I can't stop laughing at the sweet, witty, and hilarious things you keep saying"

Person 2: "Naturally! My name is Piroska, afterall!"
by Leonessanik March 24, 2012
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