a male that is an apple genius/ apple faggot. he will think pervertedly of a female with a high sex appeal no matter of the age of the female (aged ~ 10 - 60). if you let him near any car pirmin may do a bailey 1. you should be very careful when around a pirmin because they work all day 'cleaning semen out of apple laptops' therefore they are covered in semen. a pirmin also has 200 additional problems just like an iPhone 4s.
Oooo... for fuck sakes pirmin! my laptop is covered in semen again.

mum was pissed when pirmin did a bailey on dads new VF holden commodore. she said it was just another of primin's 200 additional problems.

bailey: to shit on the top of a car and sit in it. Then hold your legs straight up as high as you can and grab your toes. Then slide down the windshield screaming "Arrmageden".
by LadyMan5531 August 30, 2013
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