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1. Shut Up. Generally used whenever someone is being especially loud or annoying
2. I'm going to set fire to your house tonight. Generally used whenever a person does a rude action that would not make logical sense under the first definition. Popularized by Jenna Marbles, most of these threats soon prove to be legitimate.
1. Person A: blahblahblahblahblah

2. Person A: -cuts Person B on an escalator-
Person B: -whispers into ear- Pipe.. the fuck..... down
Person A died at 6:48 pm in a brutal fire.
by Mr. Handlebars January 10, 2013
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"pipe the fuck down"

use it when anyone is being outrageous. or just doing something you find unreasonable.
Teacher: "tonight's homework is-"

Jenna: "PIPE the fuck down."

or used to dismiss unfavorable action:

*guy presses elevator button again even though you have clearly pressed it*

"PIPE the FUCK down, sir"
by ListerineMachine January 21, 2013
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