An imaginary tool used to haze beginning apprentices on construction sites, by telling them to retrieve this tool from some other part of the site. Each time the apprentice arrives at a new location, the workers, who know there is no such thing as a pipe stretcher, play along with the joke by saying something like "oh, you just missed it--they're using it up on the third floor, so you'll have to ask them." The apprentice is sent all around the job site for the entire work day, or until the apprentice figures out it is a joke.
I need you to go down to the south end and get that pipe stretcher back from the iron workers.
by Ewizobeth May 17, 2014
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A very thicke shit. One that, when flushed, will stretch the pipes to their threshold of breaking. This often leaves the creator of the pipe stretcher feeling like he or she has just given birth.
I gotta go home and force out a mean pipe stretcher.
by Jables January 15, 2004
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A) A pipe stretcher is a guy that brings any random person, man or woman, to his camper, just to make sweet disappointing love.

B) A fictional construction device that proves which laborers will be known by only numbers and which will be known by name
A)I met this pipe stretcher on a construction site and it was the most disappointing sex ever

B) Hey #20, go get the pipe stretcher from the pickup
by Ineedanewjob June 7, 2023
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