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A game played with a group of friends and a Water bottle
1. get friends
2. Fill a flat bottomed water bottle about 1/4th they way up
3. in a circle, each friend takes the bottle by the lid and flips it; if it doesn't land upright, it goes to the next person
4 if it does land upright, the next person must also do the same.
5. if the bottle lands upright and the next person fails to do so, the frist person gets to drop the bottle (cap down), on his pink form about 2-3 inches up
6. repeat this process (the game can build up comobs, say for example 3 people land it in a row, the person who missed gets their pinky smashed 3 times
Mike: Why is your pinky so swollen?
Chad: i was playing Pinky Smash
by Brioman333 April 19, 2012
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