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Created by a tattoo artist, this sexual act requires the woman to lie on her back. the man then steps ove her placing one leg between her legs and one by her body.
The man then grabs the woman's ankles, pulling them up to hip level (spreading the woman's legs and placing her vagina directly under his ass).
The man then proceeds to have a bowel movement. then, without pinching the turd off (ya need alot of fiber in your diet to make this work apparently), he begins to screw the woman with said fecal matter....

(Thank you dude for ruining dinner for EVERYONE the night you made this up)
He said when he got her home, he threw her down and pulled a Pink Turtle Reversal on that ass. Last I heard she was at the clinic... something about a urinary tract infection. I dunno.
by Soulshadow October 17, 2009
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