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A mystical entity that lives deep in the forests of South Canoe Elementary, and was created around the beginning of May, 2003. It was originally created in the gymnasium equipment room by a pair of stoned students that were on mushroooms at the time.

this radio has the power to shield anyone from having their farts detected by sense of smell, and also, can be used to listen to the faggiest music ever, such as Armor for Sheep, or any Emo music you can think of.

this was originally only known throughout the students at South Canoe Elementary School, but its fame became more and more wide-spread as the days went on. I don't know anyone who doesn't know of Pink Radio, and all its sexiness. not even the most awesome band in the world(Tenacious D) can withstand the awesome power of the Pink Radio.
Man#1: *farts*
Man#2: Aww, fuck! Why are you farting! i oughta punch you!
Man#1: *activates Pink Radio*
Man#2: (monotone)You...Never...Farted...
Random Girl:I HATE emo music.
Josh Bedn: it iz teh luvzorrz thouhg...i R sadd...
Random Girl: it's a good thing that there is no emo music playing right now!
Josh Bedn:*activates Pink Radio*
Random Girl: (angry voice)AAUGH!! I DIED!
Josh Bedn: Good, i didn't really like her anyways...

|---- - ----|

NOTE: there is no current entry for South Canoe Elementary, and the closest thing is not to exist in modern society. I will add something as soon as I can.
by Zebra Conjugator November 27, 2006
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