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The genitalia of a trans-sexual, typically male - female
a conversion between penis and minge.
Dude, I was into this chick at the party until I found out she had a Pinge, so I falcon punched that shit and left.
by mahutumeke June 08, 2009
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The amalgamation of the three popular music genres: punk / indie / grunge. Pioneered by the self-proclaimed fathers of Pinge - VinylresiN.
Yo, peep dis 'resiN whippin' dis pinge shit - word!
by Murdy September 20, 2003
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A derivative of 'Thinge'
A Pinge is
1.something cute, loveable and possibly small and furry. Often the said item will have eccentric qualities also.
2. A nickname used as a term of affection for a person/object that comes under that description.
A pet or a girlfriend/boyfriend could be described as 'My Pinge'etc.
by Fenella May 11, 2004
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A sexual maneouvre guaranteed to produce maximum pleasure, involving the pinching of a woman's clitoris. It can however cause pain if performed inexpertly.
My girlfriend was moaning for ages last night after I gave her a pinge.
by Ewan Slater May 19, 2007
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The conjunction of Posh and Minge.

This word refers to bang tidy Posh girls. The likes who reside in areas such as Richmond or Teddington.

The opposite can be referred to as Dinge (Dutty Minge).
"Let's go to Richmond tonight...they have some gangsta Pinge"

"That girl is Pinge-tastic"

"Check that gurl. Pinge bruv"
by Frottage101 October 01, 2013
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