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Sometimes used in soccer, meaning to get it in the goal. But mostly used in sexual terms meaning "get it".
I have a date tonight, I'm totally going to ping it in!
by nannybannany November 18, 2010
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The online form of the phrase 'spread it'; to give an instruction to others that a certain piece of information (or in this case more likely a web link) should be passed around and shared amongst friends.
Here's my band's new EP, feel free to ping it around.
by peanutismint September 15, 2008
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Type of music hispanics listen too. More specificly Mexican music. The word is also used as a slang to describe a uneducated or ghetto person.
Why are you dressed in those rags you call clothes? You look like a pingit.
by Richard A. Aguero February 26, 2005
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