14 idot's spamming f on MunchyMC.com mainly Skeppy A6D and BadBoyHalo were in Chicago Illinois moonwalk hacking on a poop server and testing a new hack called ping spoof . BadBoyHalo AKA BaldBoyHalo because he is bald and is slow in the head got annoyed and told A6D and Skeppy to stop trolling then Faster made a song / remix.
*guy get's killed on InvadedLands.net* THIS FRICKING PING SPOOFER IDOT HAS TO GET BANNED FOR 14 DAYS!!!
by A6D July 3, 2019
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A meme the Minecraft players spam Ping Spoofing in KitPVP servers to annoy the server owners to the point of break.
badboyhalo made another video about ping spoofing. I bet is contains of him just complaining about the players spamming it in the chat again. Thanks Skeppy....
by BlaaZy October 28, 2018
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Spoofing means you are manipulating the information you are sending to the server.
In the case of ping spoofing, you are making your ping look very bad so that the server can't tell if you are lagging or hacking.
Johnny is hosting a minigame where the player who stands on a rock the longest wins. Johnny started the match and used a "kill all players" command to troll but a player was ping spoofing so his client took longer to update and ended up winning instead of it being a tied match.

Mitch is hacking on the hytale server but he is ping spoofing at the same time to make it difficult to know he's really hacking
by hailsatan123 December 26, 2018
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An internet hack the players use on video games to make their game more high quality by making there internet high speed. It is most commonly found on Minecraft servers that crash the whole server.
I banned a player from using the Ping Spoofing hack.
by BlaaZy October 27, 2018
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Ping Spoofing can be a bannable act
Whay are you Ping Spoofing nigga

Cuz i cAn niggA
by Ya Chan November 18, 2018
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