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Prolly the smallest neighborhood in ne philly, this place sucks and is often forget amongst the other neighborhoods in the northeast
Person1- Yo u goen to pine valley tn?
Person2- Wheres pine valley at dude?

Person1- Up pine road bro

Person2- Naa ill just stay home a rub a few out
Person1- Ok
by Philphy July 03, 2015
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A town near Horseheads in upsate New York. It is a town that is only 2 miles long surrounding a highway. All the town has is a best western and 2 farms and a bar. Rumors are plentiful and spread quickly. Only a couple of good looking women.
Man 1: Hey, you wanna o to the bar in pine valley and pick up some chicks?
Man 2: Nah, lets go to Horseheads instead
by Kent98 July 14, 2011
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