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A form of government in which the head of state, the Super-Freak is in charge of maintaining the well being of the Territory, known as "the block" country of "The United States of F**k With This And Get A Lesson On How To Shine My Gators With Ya Ass." Modeled after such blaxploitatious films as Soul Plane, Shaft, Super Fly, and all Quentin Tarantino Films starring Samuel L. Jackson cussing. There is only one rule, Don't get high off your own supply, and several officials of state with duties varying from mainting the Peace( Secretary of Bust a Cap), Overseeing Health Care (Surgeon General of Stop Smoking That S**t), Assisting and mainting the Agricultural Economy (Chairman of the Sticky Icky Icky) and various other important roles. Bill Clinton will have some role in this government, im just not sure yet as to what, he hasn't called me back yet.
You'll see when Democracy is toppled by hard-working street corner and alley way hustlers, who will eat the rich and pimp the system.
by Paul August 24, 2004
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Pimpocracy means, literally, "rule by the pimps". In its primary usage, it refers to a system of government based on the belief that all pimps are created equal, and in which political power is held either by the pimps, or by their elected pimp representatives. Alternatively, "pimpocracy" may refer to a nation state or other organisation that has adopted a pimp system of government, or to the underlying belief system of pimpology.

The origin of the word comes from the the sixteenth century French verb pimper, which meant "to dress elegantly." and the ancient Greek word kratos, meaning "rule".

A Pimpocracy is a decentralised power sharing form of government which stands in contrast to the more centralized and autocratic Pimptatorship.
Ho, this is not a pimpocracy, this here's a pimptatorship!!
by JJ Yce May 28, 2007
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