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Is the simplicity of being a Pimp. Especially when a command is given, in direction, towards a group of young women, and at times, men. Either at a school, wedding, office, or street corner. With but a facial gesture or snap of the thumb, and middle finger; clasping in sync. At times followed by a slight movement of the eyes, in motion, with a wave of the hands index.
Example 1a: I saw dese girls on da streetz lookin hot. Pulled out some cash fo dat ass then directed dat booty to ma limo. It was pure "pimplicity".

Example 2a: Dave assumes that since Shelly was out of the office last week he was in charge. But when I talked to Carl he told me Shelly was testing Dave's ability to run the team. Everyone knows she is the shit. Shelly's "pimplicity" keeps him in check.
by Nerdy Nino June 26, 2011
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