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Being sexually attracted to a Pikachu or romanticizing or sexualizing a Pikachu in your mind. Someone with Pikachuphilia might find themselves jacking off to a Pikachu or Cuddling a Pikachu plush in a slightly questionable manner. Pikachu is a Cartoon Yellow electric mouse Pokémon. An anime character often objectified in fan fiction and fan made anime porn. People who get their knocks off from Pikachu or any other Pokémon can be labeled as an Pikachuphile. Phile meaning sexual fondness of. Similar to the terms necrophile or pedophile. Pikachuphile is the act of testosterone and sexual prowess that would make a girl or boy really sexually fixated to Pikachu. Girls tend to suffer from Pikachuphilia at a surprisingly alarming rate. Many girls keeping a large Pikachu plush into their mid to late 30s. Most forms of Anime or cartoon have twisted perversion that follows it. But Pikachu almost has a following of girls and boys that would literally have sex with it. And it is more common than you think.
Devin- Sup dude, can I tell you a secret? You might think I am weird.
Carl- Go ahead, you are my friend. I don't judge. You can thrust me
Devin- Oh ok, its kinda weird though.
Carl- I don't care, say it. You're with friends here.
Devin- I think I kinda suffer from Pikachuphilia
Carl- Wtf is that?
Devin- I am going to cut to the chase, I think pikachus are hot dude. I want to bang a Pikachu missionary.

Carl- Woah woah woah, what the actual fuck.
Devin- See you judged me. You said you wouldn't
Carl- Nah, its ok. Whatever floats your boat. I just wasn't ready for that.
Devin- It's ok. I just had to tell someone. My lust for Pikachu cant be contained any more.
by GM123 July 20, 2016
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