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A black cop.
Piggers can be found anywhere from a ghetto to a donut shop, their habitat includes all of the continental United states and parts of Canada. Generally overweight and stupid, Piggers can be identified most easily by there distinctive black skin and police uniforms. Although generally harmless, when provoked Piggers have been known to attack using a variety of dangerous devices including but not limited to; clubs, mace, handcuffs, tazers and various firearms, so keep your distance!
DUDE # 1" hey man i heard you got arrested the other day?

DUDE # 2 "yea man some goddamn Pigger busted my ass with a fat blunt"

DUDE #1 "shit dude that blows, fuckin Piggers!
by fuckfuckgoose- August 30, 2009
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A paki(muslim) who thinks he's black a gangster and from the hood
That muslim is such a big pigger
by Marlo June 06, 2005
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A Puerto Rican Who thinks He's black or a half black half Puerto Rican.
Julio is such a pigger! He looks like a taco, but damn that sucka loves Fried Chicken!
by G shizzle May 09, 2006
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A personaluty disorder where the sufferer is usually a spoiled caucasian suburban brat of lower-middle to higher-middle class descent. A pigger will have usually purchased a used crown victoria police cruiser with their parents money. The afflicted obsesses about being a cop, purchases and adorns police clothing and tools, watches bad police movies, and dreams of bossing people around in their future because they are suffering from self hatred and denial.

Among other things, the onset of the illness is usually triggered after the afflicted has shit their pants in public and is then publicly ridiculed and teased throughout their adolescent years by their peers. Because of this, they become socially inept and hold a lot of resentment towards people when in fact, they are insecure with themselves. This unchecked security leads to a mentality that makes one want power. They think that if they have power no one can mess with them. This insecurity usually comes out in the form of judgement, profiling, hatred, corruption of power, and abuse of police powers towards the average citizen when they come into contact with the pigger. It is cops like this that give good police officers a bad name.

These are the people that give good police officers a bad name.
Guy 1: Put that joint out and light up a cig. Don't you see that cruiser pulling up?
Guy 2: Don't sweat it. That's just a pigger.
by the_stallion part 3 October 27, 2011
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a black policeman. typically one who thinks that frequently using the word, "dog" while patrolling the ghetto makes him a public relations expert
"its the po po dude be cool,aw man he's black, i hate those piggers."
by stg60913b February 15, 2010
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A black cop.
Some think piggers are traitors black people.The police often have piggers to patrol black neighborhoods as propaganda to make blacks think police are nice and sweet when they really think most blacks are criminals.
That pigger is a traitor.
by Deep blue 2012 February 22, 2010
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Any black officer of the law (a conjunction of the word pig and nigger)
Billy Bob knew that he didn't have a chance of getting out of that speeding ticket when he saw the pigger get out of his cruiser.
by Truthsayer July 29, 2005
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