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A piff squad is group of people engaged in the act of "piffing," also known as smoking marijuana. The medium of inhaling can vary from joints to blunts to bongs to pipes. Also the act of being "piffed" after piffing with a group of people
Dude, that blunt got me so piff squaded
by Sir Piffington February 15, 2012
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a set of real niggaz hailin from the Droz in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

started in 2004 by Ca$h (aka Mr. Skunda), the muthafukkin president

Piff Squad today (beginning of 2007) consists of: D-Millz, B-Boy, Yung Millz, J-Black, Kirby da G.O.D., LuLu, D-Ca$h, Bad Luck, Jae Bo & M-Eazy. the squad's extended family includes MTA, L.A.K., and Dem Jack Boyz

the squad now is rooted in Florida, Georgia, and Massachusetts.
u kno tha party finna be poppin if Piff Squad's there!

yo, here come them Piff Squad boyz. if they got beef wit u, i suggest u get the fuck up outta here.
by Kirbym May 06, 2007
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couple of mandem choking on chedda on a daily basis originated in america but now its very easy to spot everywhere expecially darlaston.
who are them lot over there?
them there the piff squad
by matt hardy November 10, 2012
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