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One of the best characters from the Conan O'Brien show (12:30am weekdays on NBC). His skit is named "Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage." He's a very soft-spoken fellow. Conan usually starts the skit out by saying "Are you comfortable, Pierre?" and Pierre responds with "I'm comfortable and furious Conan." It's very humorous coming from such a soft-spoken little guy. After Conan introduces him, he proceeds to complain about 'important' contemporary issues, well, important to him. They're usually very bizarre, random, and trivial, making it all the more hilarious.
Brandon: "Did you see Pierre Bernard on Conan last night, hahaha, that guy is hilarious."
Cody: "Oh, I saw it, it was brilliant, I almost crapped in my pajama pants."
by Cody Murray August 25, 2005
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