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It's a school in Milton, Massachusetts. I could go on and on about it but I really just have one word: yikes!
"Joe, did you go to Pierce Middle School?"
"Bob I don't want the flashbacks to come back don't mention that school again"
by Suk Mik Hok February 23, 2019
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Pierce is the middle school in Milton. Worst initials "PMS"... come on. Smoking pot in the restrooms isn't new. It's pretty diverse. Popularity is so annoying in Pierce because everybody cares so much. Theres your typical groups, sluts, athletics, skaters, preppys, potheads, yaddaadaayadaa. Everyone thinks they're so cool, when they should just wait like until high school.
Pierce middle school-
school in milton, balablahblah.
by moaujvsk July 24, 2008
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