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fin-urr-ni-keyt - verb ( -cat~ed, -cat~ing, -cat~ion):

1. To solve a problem, or realise how a problem can be solved, but then refrain from fixing said problem only to suggest the solution when in company in order to gain social standing.

2. To purposely break something so that you can provide the fix in public in order to gain ... Read moreattention or praise.

Prospero: "Here, the sound at your gig was really echo-y until you asked the sound man to fix it."
Ariel: "Och, don't encourage him, he was just PHYNURNICATING; the sound was perfect in soundcheck. He made it bad just so I'd ask him to change it. Classic PHYNURNICATION if you ask me."

Sabrina: "Geoff at work helped me use this machine.He noticed a switch wasn't connected properly & that's why it wasn't working. Thing is, I was sure I saw Geoff trying to use it earlier...."

Harvey: "Yeah, I use to work with Geoff, the guy's a total glory hunter and was probably trying to show off. Not the first time he's PHYNURNICATED."
by goldfishhh February 26, 2009
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