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The act of doing pull-ups immediately after consuming 2-3 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Typically motivated by immense feelings of guilt and long gazes into mirrors asking oneself, "Why did I eat that many sandwiches? Who am I?".
1. Jamie had a tough day at work, so she decided to binge eat PB&J Sandwiches for fun when she returned home. She quickly regretted her decision and proceeded to perform hundreds of Phullups to rid herself of her angst.

2. Tolan was taken hostage by a group of angry lesbians, of whom forced him to eat nearly 20 PB&J Sandwiches in a single sitting! Before he could escape the kinky wenches, he found a nearby pull-up bar and engaged himself in countless Phullups until vomiting on the floor.

3. Kyle did so many Phullups after the football game, that he regurgitated the sandwiches all over his new couch!
by thetolan87 April 26, 2013
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