How one phrases something; the way something is phrased

The extent to which one acknowledges phrases

The internal dictionary in which one stores phrases used on a regular basis
"The saying 'Keep fucking that chicken' was not until recently in my phraseology'
by omgamandagee September 23, 2009
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the proseminar we're all taking right now
Do you think you'll pass Mrs. L's phraseology course?
by leonyxx July 17, 2019
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Look human people the URBAN DICTIONARY is the PILOT OF THE FUTURE because it utilizes our TUBE of CREATION which are all of them singular as YOU TUBE remembering that YOU is also for the PLURAL is for all the TUBES in our anatomical body (YOU TUBE); which don't get confused is that TWO PEOPLE or more is PLURAL PLURAL hence AMEN PHRASEOLOGY = TUBE PHRASEOLOGY not VICE VERSA as the BIBLE has too many non human ascribed and alluded creatures contained with in it's entire text.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 30, 2021
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