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The delicate art of adding Shoop da woop to photos in the most comical of manners. Photoshoop, Photoshooping, Photoshooped. Pronounced 'fo-to-shoep'. Can be seen in many forms such as, CHARGIN HIS LAZER, FIRIN HIS LAZER and also in the SHOOP DA WHOOP stage.
Photoshooper: Hey dude, check this photo!
Onlooker: WOW, you totally photoshooped that thing...
by shoopdiddywhoop October 22, 2010
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A sketchy, suspicious, and/or virus-ridden version of the Adobe Photoshop program. It is essentially a fake posing as the real thing, but not really because it's shit.
Danny: "Olivia, check the picture I'm making with Photoshoop!"
Olivia: "Danny, get that shit off of your computer! It's only a matter of time before Photoshoop screws it over."
by Danny, Smasher of Clitoris February 03, 2013
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