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A woman who looks more attractive in a photograph than she ever looks in real life. Photo=hot. Real Life=Nasty.
Man #1: "Look at Ashley's profile pic. She's pretty hot huh?"

Man #2: "That's Ashely? I just saw her yesterday and was thinking how ugly she was"

Man #1: "Really?"

Man #2: "Yeah she must be a Photo Bombshell."
by Sundaydriver101 August 14, 2011
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1) Someone who has gained confidence through self-acceptance

2) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A photobombshell is someone who is combats depression and negative self-perception by turning what they think are their "flaws" into their assets.

3) A photobombshell stops comparing themselves to the typical hot chick aka bombshell
She felt so out of place because of her differences, like someone who photobombed a photograph.

But, when she learnt to accept and embrace her unique qualities, she felt more beautiful for who she was and became more confident.

Instead of feeling like the person who photobombed a picture, she felt like the bombshell of it, therefore making her a photo bombshell
by SellSea January 02, 2019
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