Proceeding to film food or a meal before a person begins eating.
When dinner arrived at the table, Alex proceeded to eat his meal. Ryan quickly reminded him, phone eats first.
by larylobster July 5, 2019
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A term ideated in 2014 by Sage from Portland, Oregon after her then boyfriend selfishly took a bite of the drool-worthy steak and eggs from Tasty and Alder before she was able to take a photo. In the middle of the restaurant she stood up and proclaimed, “Phone eats first!” The Portland foodies that sat around her all looked up and then slowly began to clap in approval. This term has since caught on and is often used by foodies and bloggers around the world when capturing photos prior to enjoying their food.
Please don’t take a bite of that food until after I take a photo. Phone eats first!
by Wordsmithoftheworld August 10, 2019
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