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Nickname for Phoenix, Arizona, similar to Chi-town for Chicago, P-town for Portland, etc.

alternate spelling: "Photown"
The Mexican food in Pho-town is the bomb.
by Zubby October 29, 2007
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Slang for one of America's dirtiest cities- Phoneix, AZ. People from Phoenix that move out of state tend to socialize strictly with other people from Phoenix, forming what is commonly referred to as "The Pho-Town Crew." Some deem the Pho-town crew as an epidemic as they have little personal identity, often wishing they were from a cooler place such as Southern California or Colorado.
Yo, I hear Ilan and Steve are ringleaders for the Pho Town Crew based in Tucson.
by CharlesSnarles March 05, 2012
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