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When you're laying on a nice, comfy bed with a boner, and then an ass falls from the sky and lands perfectly on your penis, covering it up completely. In ideal circumstances, some baby powder rolls of the butt in a cloud, and even on the rarest of occasions you hear a soft and abrupt phloomph, which signifies a perfect landing. Once the butt has positioned itself, you are free to either carry out your sexual desires, or if you have an extremely strong dick, even walk around with the woman on your body. This is phloomphing and feel free to try it at home. :)
DUDE! I went home last night and Lisa asked me to get ready on the bed so I sat there laying down with a boner and all of a sudden her ass phloomphed on me and I had it there the whole night!
by SKROTO December 10, 2013
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