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Philoserism is a no class statement made usually by some trailer park trash who worships Robert Downey Jr.'s role as a dick sucker for his drug addiction in the movie, 'Less Than Zero.' The statements made have no value, purpose, depth, morals, and are as shallow as the trailer mouse who blurped it out. Philoserisms come from people who are as tall as Joe Dirt with a womens shoe size IQ to boot. If the philoser has any life goals, it probably invovles your wife.
Trailer Mater Philoserism:'I boned your wife!'

Trailer Dater Philoserism:'No u didn't! I boned your wife!'

Trailer Pater Philoserism:'Well, did either of the wifes turn around to see who had the boner?!?
by tmntblankets April 09, 2010
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