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Philamena is a beautifully rare and ancient name; only given to a female predisposed to embody the magnificence of this name. Philamena’s can be stoic, radiantly brilliant, iron-willed yet hilarious. Probably one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Often they are statuesque, Greek, German or Irish women, with the amazing green eyes. Temperament and bodily exquisiteness are hauntingly reminiscent of lore’s of ancient deities. Philamena’s are loyal to the core and will stand beside those they love no matter the situation. Probably best to be on their good side though. They thrive in the sun, near the water.
Person 1: That girl is simply a luminous manifestation of soul.
Person 2: Oh, her name must be Philamena.

See also Philomena
by ha-ha-you-know-who January 16, 2013
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