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More sophisticated and elaborate version of the name Fern. She has amazing ideas and the best advice. Her vivid imagination often causes Phernne to visualise humans as the animal that their appearance and idiosyncrasies are most similar to. Well, only humans deserving of one that is. In fact, Phernne is an excellent judge of character, but beware if you do not meet her high standards. If you are lucky enough to experience Phernne's friendship, she will be the most honest, reliable and caring friend you could ever hope for. She may even share with you her silly side. Highly intelligent and extremely artistic, Phernne is also beautiful. She oozes style and elegance, reminescent of the classic 1920s look.
"Wow, that Phernne really surprises me. For someone so smart she can be quite silly."

"Yeah, I know. Apparently I'm a Lion and you're a Weasel."

"It is hard to keep up with her at the best of times."

"Those Parrots are incredibly intelligent and aerodynamic creatures aren't they just."
by LionessonParrot February 05, 2010
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