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1) Nearly defecating one's self to death as a result of bad water, bad food, or any other airborne illness while in a third world country named Egypt.

2) The ill-shits.

3) Similar to Montezuma's Revenge, but in Egypt not Mexico. And generally far, far worse.
Dan got the Pharaoh's Revenge so bad he needed Cipro to stay alive.

That poor SOB was the Pharoah's favorite; he got the Pharoah's Revenge so many times, he barely left the pot while in Egypt.
by Dan Weissman February 12, 2006
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The opposite of Montezuma's Revenge, it is the one everlasting plague that Pharaoh got on the Jews through their ritual eating of matzah, resulting in week-long constipation.
Jake: Dude, where have you been the past 2 hours?

Levi: Sorry, had a bad case of Pharaoh's Revenge from last night's seder.
by TexanTerp April 19, 2011
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